Getting the Most from vista..the donts

Getting the most out of vista

In the Spirit of sharing I have listed some of the most fascinating programs and applications that you can run on vista, to improve your vista Experience, and also share some programs that can make your vista experience a living hell. So which one should I start with..hmmmm..Ok I think I start with the bad program

Programs to avoid on vista: Sometimes we easily forget that vista is a brand new operating system and not and upgrade to window XP, even though it is compatible with most of the applications that run on it previous predecessor .The fact still remain that because of the new improvement in security and visual effect on vista has made some traditional xp programs to fail and crash in their new vista environments.(while others have fitted in quite well indeed).Things like limited administrative privileges available to some programs, User Account Control, Aero Glass effect..Are some of the new innovations which these programs either are incompatible with or fail to take advantage of..These incompatibilities can give you so many headaches that it’s just better to avoid these programs all together. Or wait for their upgraded versions that have been developed to address these issues. Below are some of the programs that based on my experience with them should be avoided.

*Some of these applications have new upgrades that have addressed their vista issues.

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Good to be Back


Its a Global village and its Been a while . This would be the first time time that i would be writing a post…i even forgot that i had a blog and attempted registering another blog when i was told i already had one account with wordpress..Now that i have constant internet access i hope to keep my blog up to date from time to time…in the spirit of sharing i have decided to share some of my experiences with window vista since a lot of people seem to be having problems with it in future post i would do a review of the Relatively New OS.although this is coming 6 month late..i believe that they are still a lot of people who would still like to read a review of the “controversial” OS.(yes controversial because many people have said many things about it some good / some bad.some are outrightly wrong/others have some element of truth in them).My review would be a from a end user point of review. Continue reading Good to be Back