Get Thunderbird to minimizing to tray instead of closing

One of the first set of things i do when i install a fresh (k)ubuntu is change the default email client. Both evolution (ubuntu) and kmail (kubuntu) don’t just cut it for me, they always seem bloated and buggy. I am a KISS guy -not that kiss (fine am that kiss too but the kiss i refer here is the Keep It Simple Stupid kind of kiss 😀 ) hence i find thunderbird to be the email client that just suits my needs. It doesn’t try to take over the world or make dinner for me. Its first and foremost an email client and its keeps with the Unix philosophy of do one thing and do it well.

However one thing i have always wish it had was the ability to run in the background so that if i close thunderbird i want it to minimize to the system-tray/notification area and inform me real time when i have a new mail. Continue reading Get Thunderbird to minimizing to tray instead of closing

Archlinux the best way to K.I.S.S

Ok its official, am a perceptual distro hopper at last count I have tried over 40 different Linux distributions. Its a hobby am addicted to (partly due to the fact that the school were i work is in the middle of no where and there is little else to do than to learn python and become a DJ – Distro Jockey). Recently I started observing a surge of positive raves and reviews about Archlinux. It seems everywhere I go ubuntuforum,Identica,twitter, random blog post, reddit, digg etc whenever the name Archlinux come up most people always have nice things to say about it. I naturally stick to distros that use live cd because of the ease in installation, but such was the hype around arch that I decided to give it a try and see what the “FOSS” is all about.
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