Download Your Favourite eBooks

I hope to make this a place where u can download your favorite books and install it on your PC or Smart phone/PDAs.I am starting with one of my favorite authors of all time..John Grisham . below are a seletcion of some of is best sellers which includes-Painted House,Time to kill,The Firm,King of tort,Last Juror,Pelican Brief, and The summons.



John Grisham

Mobireader for PC

Mobireader for phone
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Harry Potter And the Deadly Hallows

For those harry potter fans out there the wait is finally over and the final book of the most successful fictional story in contemporary times is out.Harry potter and the Deadly Hallows.Since i live in Nigeria and i know that it would be ages before i can actually get a hand on the paper book.i went googling to try to check if i would see an ebook version which i will read on my computer/my mobile phone.I came across many fake Harry potters, most of which were written by Harry Potter fans.However i was able to get a hand on the Original Copy which *if i must add confirm its Originality by Checking some extract of the Original posted on The BBC.right now am about to start reading but before i start here is the link to the download so that you too can get to download and read *Please note that the bok is in a Pdf format.but i intend to make it into other formats like Doc,rgo,and prc so that you will be able to read them on your mobile.
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