Low Light Photography

So decided to test out the much hyped Google Pixel’s low light photography fantasticness.

So one night took a walk around the neighbourhood to get some air from over 3 months of lock down. Decided to test out the Pixel low light photography capability…

To say I was impressed is an understatement…

This weekend its Football not Free Software

Beside computers and free and open source software, and music and watching classic movies, my first ever passion in life was football. Fell in love when the Nigerian Youth team played in Saudi Arabia. I still remember the game tagged the miracle of Dar-man when we were down to the then USSR by 4-0 and with 20 min to go we equalized and went on to win the game on penalties. Ever since i have been a loyal supporter of the Nigerian National team through thick and thing.

This weekend we had a crucial world cup qualifier game against Tunisia it is a must win game for us. If we lose or draw then our qualification to the world cup would have left our hands and would depend on Tunisia (who currently top our group) losing . I decided to do something i have never done before. Continue reading This weekend its Football not Free Software