The Geek and his Girlfriend

Some 4 years ago I was still in college studying law. I met this cute girl under the tree in a student park area of the Lagos State University. It wasn’t quite love at first sight cause the first time we met my sight was else where. However the second sighting was when I was hooked. Looking into her brown eyes I knew then that this was the girl I had been searching for , we hung out a lot and eventually got to know each other, we basically liked the same kinda music,movies, and even the same attitude to life. However it took a year of being good friends ( and sometimes enemies) before we had our first kiss. Continue reading The Geek and his Girlfriend

Give me Freedom …To trust a Nigerian

After getting tired of the cat and mouse game i had to go through to get my ipod touch to play well with my Ubuntu .. i finally gave up sold it and ordered the Nokia N810. The iTouch by its self is a cool device. I had no problem with it. But I run basically A free Operating system which the iTouch was not build to support. Although I could get it to sync with Amarok and Gtkpod with the help of jailbreak and some special hacks it wasn’t ideal and I would have to be within a wireless network for the hack to work. Add that to the guilty conscience that comes with using the most proprietary device ever made by man. i never had this feeling of community and ownership I get with my Ubuntu box. And although I could use it relatively without the risk of been locked in a proprietary system like Mac or Windows. i was not completely free because if my iTouch firmware got corrupted then I would need to reload using iTunes running on Windows or Mac.

Selling the ipod proofed to be the easy part . I posted the specs in Nairaland (a large on-line communities of Nigerians) and got a buyer in no time . However getting a replacement for it wasn’t so easy. Continue reading Give me Freedom …To trust a Nigerian