Good to be Back


Its a Global village and its Been a while . This would be the first time time that i would be writing a post…i even forgot that i had a blog and attempted registering another blog when i was told i already had one account with wordpress..Now that i have constant internet access i hope to keep my blog up to date from time to time…in the spirit of sharing i have decided to share some of my experiences with window vista since a lot of people seem to be having problems with it in future post i would do a review of the Relatively New OS.although this is coming 6 month late..i believe that they are still a lot of people who would still like to read a review of the “controversial” OS.(yes controversial because many people have said many things about it some good / some bad.some are outrightly wrong/others have some element of truth in them).My review would be a from a end user point of review. Continue reading Good to be Back